Life After Lockdown

Lockdown seems to be coming to an end (at least for a little while). With everyone going back to the new normal, most of us are going to be out. But chances are a lot of us will still want to stay close to home. It may be that our office is now in our house. Or we need to keep an eye on that new pet that we bought during lockdown. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep an eye on things even when you’re not at home. It’s easy with the use of smart devices.

What are Smart Devices?

A smart device is essentially the same as any other electronic device that you use every day. However there is an important difference. Smart devices can be controlled using via an app by using a smartphone or tablet device. So that can be anything from lights, cameras, plugs, thermostats and even burglar and fire alarm systems.

Smart Lights can add a Layer of Security to your Home

A smart bulb looks and works just like a normal light bulb. They have the added perk of being able to be controlled from anywhere. So if you’re at the shops or at work, you can turn lights on and off to make it look like someone is home. Even though that may npt be the case.

Not only can smart bulbs make your home more secure, but they can also make life easier. You can schedule smart bulbs to turn on and off whenever you want them to. This means there’s one less thing you have to do if you’re on the go, or just relaxing and watching your favourite films on TV. And if you accidentally leave a light on, you can turn it off from anywhere in the world. This can save you money on your energy bills.

Use Smart Sensors for Kids and Pets

A smart sensor is handy for being able to tell if there is any movement within your home when you’re not there. When they detect movement they send a notification to your phone. So if you’re at work and you’re waiting for another family member to go home, you can position a smart sensor so you’ll receive a notification as soon as they walk through the door. You can also use smart sensors to ensure that pets are staying out of certain rooms.

Smart Cameras for your Pets

During lockdown, Britain’s pets have had it pretty good. They’ve had us around for amost a year, and have therefore had more attention and company than they would usually get. This means that they may find it a bit hard to adapt when we return to our new normal of busy and bustling lives. With a smart camera we can see what’s going on around our house. So we can see what our pets are up to and whether they are okay just by checking our smartphones. On many smart camera apps you can also communicate with your pets, so they will be less lonely.

Secure your Home with a Smart Alarm

When it comes to home security, smart technology has been a complete game-changer. It’s relatively affordable to build a security setup that is tailored to your own home. You can use virtually any combination of sensors, lights, cameras, keypads and even sirens.

And the great thing is, it can all be controlled from your smartphone- wherever you are. If you’re still working from home after lockdown, then a smart alarm system will go a long way to protecting that all important work-from-home equipment.

Smart Central Heating and Hot Water Controls

Now that you’re out and about more, a smart thermostat will save you money. Never again will you have to pay to heat your unoccupied home. You can manually turn the heating or hot water on or off from your smartphone, or you can set a schedule to make it completely automated.

Not only will you save money using a smart thermostat, but you will also have the benefit of having a home that is constantly heated to the right temperature that’s comfortable for you.

Our homes have been our sanctuary for the last 12 months or so of lockdown. And as lockdown comes to an end it’s easier than ever to keep your eye on your home with the addition of smart technology. Not only is is easy and convenient to use, but I’s also more affordable than you probably think.

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