Life After Lockdown

Lockdown seems to be coming to an end (at least for a little while). With everyone going back to the new normal, most of us are going to be out. But chances are a lot of us will still want to stay close to home. It may be that our office is now in our […]

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No Hot Water? Try this First

Ah! No hot water? Don’t panic. Frankly there’s nothing quite like that feeling of turning on the shower and standing underneath it only to find that the water is freezing cold. It’s even worse if the weather is cold outside. If you’ve gone to turn your hot tap on and no hot water has come […]

How do I reset my Boiler?

Virtually all boilers have a reset button, and it’s just a case of locating it and then pushing it. If you cannot easily find the reset button, then it may be underneath a panel. In which case it’s best to call an engineer.

What pressure does the water need to be for my Central Heating?

For the majority of central heating systems in the UK, the water pressure needs to be between 1 and 1.5 bar in order for the system to function effectively.

How can I avoid costly central heating repair bills?

Apart from servicing your boiler every year, there’s little you can do to prevent your central heating system from breaking down. You can however take out boiler cover, which will minimise the cost to you should the worst happen to your boiler.


Smart Meters Explained

Step into the future of energy management with smart meters! Back in 2016, the leading UK energy suppliers embarked on a mission to revolutionise the way we consume energy by rolling out smart meters across the country. These ingenious devices were designed to empower households with accurate real-time data, enabling them to take charge of […]

How much does it Cost to have a Smart Meter Installed?

Nothing at all. The supply and fitting of a smart meter in the UK is currently free. This is to incentivise everyone to get one, so by 20125 all homes in the UK have smart meters.

Can I install a smart meter myself?

Although it is possible to install a smart meter yourself if you are qualified, it makes more sense to have an engineer come and do it seeing as it's completely free.

Is my Data Safe with a Smart Meter?

Yes, it is. All data is encrypted and sent via a Wide Area Network that is not part of the internet. It is then handled by a data collection company before being submitted to the relevent energy suppliers.


5 Common Thermostat Mistakes

Ah, the joys of a cozy home during the chilly months – central heating and hot water systems keeping us snug as a bug. But wait! Are we inadvertently driving up our energy bills with thermostat blunders? The latest research reveals that many of us are unknowingly making costly mistakes when it comes to controlling […]

Should I turn my Central Heating off when I leave my Home?

It is more energy efficient to keep your home temperature as low as possible while you're out. However, it's important to maintain a minimum temperature in order to prevent other issues, such as damp, mould and burst pipes.

Where's the Best place to position my Thermostat?

A thermostat should be placed in a room that isn't warmer or colder than the rest of your home. A good location is on an interior wall, around 5ft high and away from other sources of heat and drafts.

What's the Ideal Setback Temperature?

This will vary from home to home, but it's recommended to start at 16°C and work from there.

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Top 5 Smart Thermostats

Households in the UK are becoming increasingly ‘smarter’ with the use of gadgets like smart thermostats. Most homes now are no stranger to gadgets allow you to control daily tasks such as switching on lights via your smartphone or voice. Thanks to devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, voice control is now pretty […]

How much does a Smart Thermostat cost?

The price of a smart thermostat will depend on which one you buy. Typically they cost between £100 to £200, but they can be found for less when manufacturers offer promotions.

Can I install a smart thermostat myself?

This will largely depend on your skill level. A very competent DIYer who has experience with electrics should be able to install a smart thermostat themselves. However the best advice is to leave it to the professionals if you're in any doubt at all.

What does a Smart Thermostat do?

A smart thermostat controls the central heating and hot water like your existing thermostat. The difference is that a smart thermostat is connected to your home WiFi network. So you can control your heating and water settings from anywhere in the world.

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Spring Cleaning your Boiler

Spring is the time of year that represents new life. Trees that have lost their leaves during the winter months start to get them back. Flowers begin to blossom and there are plenty of baby rabbits to be seen in the fields of the countryside. Spring officially starts in March. It is generally known as […]


Hive Vs Nest : Which is Better?

Eco-friendly homes are available for everyone, and one of the key components of this is the smart thermostat. These clever little devices are able to control your hot water and central heating in a much more efficient way than conventional thermostats. There are a number of different smart thermostats out there, all with their own […]

Do you need to be a British Gas customer to get a Hive Smart Thermostat?

No, you don’t. Although if you switch to British Gas then you can take advantage of their promotion which means that they will supply and fit your Hive system for just £99.

Can I set Individual Room Temperatures with a Smart Thermostat?

Yes, you can. In fact this is one of the key features of a smart thermostat. The Hive smart thermostat will allow you to have up to 3 different zones, whereas the Nest will allow you to have up to 20 thermostats.

Can I override the Nest Learning Algorithm?

The Nest smart thermostat is designed to be automatic. It isn’t completely automated though, so you can override it at any time. For example if you wish to boost the heat or hot water functions.


What’s the Ideal Temperature for my Home?

On the whole, the temperature at which people are most comfortable is subjective. You probably know that one person who has such a hot house that you have to make sure you dress for summer whenever you visit. On the other hand, you probably also know someone else who keeps their home so cold that […]

What's the average UK temperature indoors?

Throughout the year, the average UK home temperature is 20°C. During the colder months it is 18°C.

Do Women Prefer a Higher Temperature than Men?

According to studies, women are more comfortable on average when temperatures are 2.5°C higher then the most comfortable temperature for men.

Do I need to keep my home warmer for the elderly?

It is recommended to increase the average temperature of your home to a minimum of 22°C if you have elderly people in your household.


Three Main Boiler Types in the UK

Before the invention of the modern boiler, people relied on wood and coal fires in order to  supply them with hot water and heat their homes. This was a lot of work. It meant lighting, tending to and cleaning a fire in every room that you wanted to be comfortable in. Today this would be […]

What's so good about a combi boiler?

Not only is a combi boiler more energy efficient than a conventional or system boiler, but it also has less external components. This means that the central heating and hot water systems take up less space, and it looks a lot neater overall.

Is a combi boiler useful for larger households?

A combi boiler is a very efficient way of getting hot water. However, it is unable to cope with high demand. Therefore if you live in a large household where hot water would often be needed in several places at once, it's best to have either a conventional or system boiler in place.

Are conventional boilers uneconomical?

It's true that conventional boilers aren't as energy-efficient as combi boilers. However, they are not necessarily uneconomical. The main energyh loss with a conventional boiler system comes from the fact that heated water is stored in a tank, which will therefore gradually lose heat over the course of time.


Three Reasons to Upgrade your Boiler Today

Your central heating is an important aspect for both you and your home. When it comes to keeping your home warm and your water hot, an efficient boiler is a vital factor. Although buying a new boiler isn’t something that you do very often, there are many ways that you could benefit from a newer […]

How much does it cost to replace a boiler?

Not as much as you think. Typically it will cost under £2,000 to replace the boiler for the average-sized home. And that usually includes a 10-year warranty.

Should I replace my old boiler?

If your boiler is old, then it's probably far less efficient than a brand new one. Replacing it will save you money in the long run due to the reduced energy bills you'll receive.

Is it worth getting boiler cover?

If you've just had a new boiler installed, then getting cover for it is a very smart idea. That way you will have complete peace of mind that should anything go wrong with the boiler, it won't break the bank.